Possible Lizard enters cave on Mars

2016-08-25 23:06:00

A photo from the Mars Curiosity Rover reveals what appears to be a small animal what looks like a lizard that enters a cave on Mars.The image was taken by Mastcam: Right (MAST_RIGHT) onboard NASA's Mars rover Curiosity on Sol 1438 (2016-08-22 11:33:14 UTC).This is not the first time a lizard has been spotted, also in 2013 a lizard has been spotted, yet other living species walking around on the su...

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2016-08-25 21:44:00


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Mystery Shadow Creature Found On Mars?

2016-08-24 21:48:00

This is a strange one!I have analyzed the raw image and concluded that this artifact is not a shadow. It is something which appears to be on the rock in the foreground, or in the process of scaling the rock.Very odd, especially if it is a living creature and note, it has the two eyes, two arms and body.We know that NASA/JPL editing software makes many artifacts and possible living beings on Mars w...

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Giants that once roamed the earth: The Catalina Giants

2016-08-23 23:51:00

Back in 2012 the curator of the Catalina Island Museum opened the door to a musty backroom hoping to find material for an upcoming exhibition.As he made his way to a back corner, he noticed a row of trunks. He carried the largest trunk, belonging to Ralph Glidden an amateur archaeologist, to a table, blew off the dust and lifted the lid.Inside were leather-bound journals and yellowing photographs ...

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The Covert Remote Viewing and Psychic Warfare Program

2016-08-23 22:41:00

ESP - Mind Control - Psychic Targeting - Intuitive Vision - Deep Military Programs - Stargates - Black Budget Experiments!Dark Journalist goes deep into the covert Remote Viewing program Bankrolled by the CIA with Physicist Russell Targ who founded the effort at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) with fellow Physicist Hal Puthoff.They delve deeply into the clandestine world of Psychic Spies and dis...

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Ley Lines: The Key To Unlocking the Matrix

2016-08-22 23:40:00

Yet again we come across another mysterious force of nature known as Ley Lines, invisible geometric alignments that ran across ancient landscapes, connecting both natural and sacred prehistoric structures such as ancient monuments, stone circles and megaliths together.All Ley Lines run over the electromagnetic fields of the earth and lead to the planetary Grid, the primary light and energy matrix,...

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A Day with an Extraterrestrial

2016-08-22 17:23:00

Teaser for a project currently in development by, Conor Moriarty.  For additional information in regards to the project contact: info@conormoriarty.com

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Giant UFOs The Ringmakers of Saturn

2016-08-22 02:08:00

Saturn the sixth planet from the sun and the second largest planet in the solar system is in the news again. Last month NASA has released new images of Saturn's rings but these rings looking a little strange and bent, like the rings are warped when they intersect the planet’s limb.There is a lot of mystery surrounding these rings but Dr. Noran Bergun who has worked for the US Government has seen...

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The Secret Space Program's 'Alliance for Disclosure' - David Wilcock and Corey Goode

2016-08-20 21:07:00

Amongst the most controversial presenters at Contact In The Desert 2016 in Joshua Tree California this year has to be the combination of David Wilcock and Corey Goode.In this public presentation Wilcock and Goode reveal stories related to an alleged Secret Space Program or SSP and an ‘Alliance for Disclosure.’Sitting in the audience behind the camera, a small group of attendees are trying to g...

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Messages on Mars and in Crop Circles are part of a ‘soft disclosure’ project?

2016-08-19 08:46:00

Are photos of the Martian surface actually showing us a message encoded in the patterns of hills and valleys? And is the similarity to the terrain of Bolivia more than coincidence?Codes in the latest crop circles pointing to the messages in the patterns of hills and valleys on Mars and are part of a ‘soft disclosure’ project?Timothy Alberino, writer/director of the new documentary 'True Legend...

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Leaked Video of human sacrifice ritual at CERN in front of the statue of Shiva

2016-08-18 07:57:00

A bizarre footage which is videotaped from inside building 40 at nuclear research facility CERN has circulated online for days and shows a ritual human sacrifice at CERN in front of the statue of Shiva.A CERN spokeswoman told AFP that the bizarre event was filmed without permission or knowledge.CERN is not open to the public and certainly not at night, although the people who performed the ritual ...

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Mysterious slow-moving 'fireball' seen streaking across San Diego sky

2016-08-17 23:21:00

On Monday night people reported seeing mysterious lights over San Diego, California.A witness could see the lights from Eastlake and someone else saw the lights above the City Heights area while another person noticed them above the San Diego International Airport, according to NBC San Diego.A US Navy spokesperson told Fox 5 San Diego that the USS Makin Island group is training, but there weren't ...

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The Giant of Kandahar Afghanistan

2016-08-17 01:49:00

During an interview on Coast to Coast some years ago, Steven Quayle talked about a giant that was shot and killed by the US military in Kandahar Afghanistan.It is said that the soldiers noticed something in a cave and while inspecting the cave they encountered a giant 12-15 feet tall being having red hair, 6 fingers, 6 toes, and a double row of teeth.What followed was that the soldiers opened gunf...

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Institutions keeping the secret of our ancient ancestors - Graham Hancock

2016-08-16 11:29:00

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on an attempted academic coup in Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe.International bestseller and Author of 'Magicians of the Gods', Graham Hancock, discusses a catastrophic event that wiped out our ancient ancestors and the institutions trying to keep this civilization a secret.Note: Graham Hancock specializes in unconventional theories involving ancient civilizations, stone...

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UFO Approaches The Moon (Video)

2016-08-16 00:15:00

NASA knew about alien activity on the Moon before Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins ever set foot on it and they have been covering up the fact that there are alien bases on the moonThe following video shows an unidentified flying object approaches the Moon very fast, continues its path flying across the lunar surface until it disappears.It's unknown whether the UFO has landed or not but it seems the...

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New Study: Aliens building a megastructure around Tabby’s Star?

2016-08-15 10:23:00

Tabby's star shows evidence that there is an alien civilization building a Dyson Sphere around it?KIC8462852 also known as Tabby star has recently become the primary subject of much ongoing research. The strange fluctuations in this star’s light are what caused Yale astronomer Tabetha (Tabby) Boyajian, who first discovered the star to describe it as the most mysterious star in the universe.Astro...

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Weird object spotted beyond Neptune

2016-08-14 08:52:00

There's more going on in the outer Solar System than we're fully aware of.Scientists have discovered a mysterious planet in a strange orbit beyond Neptune on the outer edge of the solar system and with every passing day, it’s moving upwards – a fact that makes it an oddity.Nicknamed Niku, it appears to be a trans-Neptunian object and it has got scientists baffled. Niku, named after Chinese wor...

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Amazing drone footage shows awesome Crop Circle close to Wiltshire, UK

2016-08-12 23:07:00

This amazing aerial footage shot from a drone shows an apparent crop circle formation that has appeared in a field at Ansty near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK and discovered on August 12, 2016.Credit images: MrGiro - Crop Circle Connector.Several symbols in the circle depict the prime of life with 19 circles and 36 overlapping arches that form a hexagon, like similar mysteriously symbols previously fou...

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UFO Disclosure - The Most Profound Event In Human History - Stephan Bassett

2016-08-12 09:58:00

Political activist and consultant known worldwide as the Disclosure lobbyist and advocate to end a government imposed truth embargo of the facts surrounding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, Stephen Bassett, tells EMN why President Barack Obama is the Disclosure President.In this one-on-one exclusive EMN video interview Bassett unabashedly proclaims that "the first head of stat...

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Alien Threat! The UFO ‘Hubrid’ Infiltration

2016-08-11 21:34:00

In this mind-blowing episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Temple University history professor, David Jacobs, PhD on ‘The Alien Plan to Control Humanity’.Based on three decades of research, studying over 1,150 abduction events experienced by 150 people lifework has led Dr. Jacobs to the conclusion that an alien-controlled program to create alien-human hybrids is now reaching a new st...

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Possible Cloaked Triangle UFO On Mars Photographed By Curiosity

2016-08-11 00:13:00

A barely visible triangular shape above Mars is spotted in an image of the "Naukluft Plateau" of lower Mount Sharp taken with NASA's Mars rover Curiosity's Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on May 11, 2016.After adjust colors the object definitely looks like a black triangular UFO hovering in the air above the planet and very obviously, it's cloaked.Is it possible that the object is not a photographic...

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Fossilized remains of tiny winged creature photographed by Curiosity Mars Rover

2016-08-08 23:57:00

An image taken by the Curiosity Mars Rover reveals what appears to be the remains of a small winged species partially buried in the Martian soil.The Rover’s Chemcam remote micro imager took the image on August 8, 2016 and if you look the very nature of this image closely, then you see that this reptile species has a body, wings, neck and head.An eye socket, a nose mark and the shape of a mouth l...

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Strange Light In Cloud Releases Several UFOs (Video)

2016-08-07 22:32:00

Spectacular images have emerged online of a strange light and several UFOs coming out of a cloud formation in the skies over Belgium on Aug 7, 2016.At first glance it looks like a so-called ‘crown flash’ appears on top of the cloud when suddenly close to the light several blinking orbs emerging from the cloud and shooting straight up into the sky and disappear.May be the strange light can stil...

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Mysterious green light captured over Mexico and US (Video)

2016-08-07 08:06:00

On August 5, 2016 at around 21.45 hours Galarza journalist Saul was in the center of Mexico City when he noticed a strange green light in the sky. Saul managed to capture the object.But at the same night, on August 5, 2016 a similar green object is seen flying through the sky in US. Despite the witness did not mentioned the location, she also managed to capture the green light.Both witnesses wonde...

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New Evidence Proves Ancient Chinese Great Flood Myth Really Happened

2016-08-06 22:11:00

A great flood at the dawn of Chinese civilization was said to have swept away settlements, the water rising so high that it overran hills, mountains and even heaven itself.It was the sage King Yu who tamed the waters by building ditches, the legend went, thus earning a mandate to rule and laying the foundation for China's first dynasty, the Xia.In a study published this week in cbcnews and in the ...

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Unidentified Flying Object filmed firing thrusters above Auckland, New Zealand

2016-08-06 00:02:00

While filming the sunset at 5.30pm on August 2, 2016 over Auckland in New Zealand the videographer noticed a strange black object hovering above a cloud formation. Suddenly the object changed into a bright light and disappeared.Since the object is filmed from a great distance the videographer wonders whether it is a UFO or a fighter jet firing its thrusters/engines. 

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Huge Fireball Lightning Phenomenon Caught On Camera In Novosibirsk Region, Russia

2016-08-04 22:32:00

Roman Tregubov, a graduate of the Novosibirsk State Technical University who lives outside Novosibirsk, Siberia's largest city in Russia, witnessed a huge mysterious white luminous sphere moving over a field before it disappeared into the woods.Roman managed to capture the rare phenomenon and although the footage is shaky the sphere of light is clearly visible.During the recording as heard on the ...

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NASA Says No More Live Feed From ISS

2016-08-04 07:37:00

Looks like NASA finally had enough of alternative news outlets reporting on the UFO's from the streams.  Despite many people monitor that feed and then post videos and photos of what they have found NASA has decided to end the live feed from the International Space Station which will be phased out in August and discontinued Sept 1, 2016.But unless there is a legitimate reason they cannot shut...

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Activities around the Sun: UFOs, Comet and a Lunar Eclipse

2016-08-03 23:55:00

During a series of solar flares which took place on July 26, 2016 the Helioviewer did not only captured the solar event but also a streak of light what appears to be a UFO which is visible for a split second.On July 31, 2016 NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite captured a comet as it approached the sun. It’s unknown if the comet hit the sun or not because there was an unexp...

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Strange smiling face inside crater of volcano in Hawaii (Video)

2016-08-02 22:18:00

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and has been continuously erupting since 1983. On July 27, 2016 the volcano erupted again and lava from the volcano's Pu'u O'o crater finally reached the sea for the first time since 2013.Quote: Starting the day with a smile!Despite the US Geological Survey has warned visitors about safety risks, the phenomenon attracte...

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